Friday, May 19, 2006

Save Twinings Earl Grey

We've all heard of those campaigns to convince networks to bring back certain TV shows. Then there was that Classic Coke thing a few decades back. But how about a campaign to get Twinings Tea to restore the taste of their Earl Grey to what it once was?

If you didn't even realize that the taste of Twinings Earl Grey is no longer what it once was, then check out Save Twinings, a Web site formed to "Bring back the original Earl Grey!".

It remains to be seen if anything will come of this campaign. Tea Guy has never had any problems resisting the charms of Earl Grey tea of any sort, but I wish the Save Twinings gang the best of luck even so.

As always, whenever the subject of Earl Grey comes up, I present the link - as does Save Twinings - to this very comprehensive Earl Grey site. It's called Tending Toward Tea. If you are an Earl Grey fancier it's certainly worth a look.

Image: Twinings

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