Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tainted Iced Tea

There's just something about the words "fecal coliform bacteria" that makes me feel a bit queasy. Your results may vary.

Speaking of fecal coliform bacteria, a Dallas TV station recently ran around town, taking samples of iced tea from a bunch of restaurants. Of the ten restaurants sampled, fecal coliform bacteria turned up in iced tea from five.

So what's the deal? Should you give up iced tea when you're eating out? The article notes, "city officials speculate it could be from restaurants not properly dismantling, cleaning and sanitizing the beverage mechanisms", but goes on to point out "we don't know if any of the coliform bacteria is from the ice, the water, the cup, or the tea."


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thedallasdiva said...

I live in Dallas, and CBS Channel 11 is forever doing gross-out stories on local eateries. They even managed to temporarily stop the handing out of produce samples at the Dallas Farmers Market, which cut severely into the vendors' business.

William I. Lengeman III said...

Local news outlets do sometimes tend toward hysteria when covering such stories. While it's something to keep in mind, I'm not going to make any adjustments when it comes to restaurant iced tea. That said, I think the real scandal is how crappy most restaurant iced tea is. My personal vote for best restaurant iced tea is Pita Jungle in Phoenix and Lanvina, in Lancaster, PA.