Thursday, June 22, 2006

Angelina Jolie's Garlic Tea

I've managed to maintain this site for nearly a year now without finding it necessary to mention Angelina Jolie in any way, shape or form. But now it's time to break down and refer you to this article which tells us how Ms. Jolie used yoga and African ginger root and garlic tea to knock off those pesky pregnancy pounds.

While we're on the subject - more or less - of tea and health, here are a few more related topics. If you're going gray, or if you're already there, you'll want to look at this article from Pravda that claims tea - among other things - might be partly to blame.

Here's a piece from the Asbury Park Press that suggests that tea bags might be useful in treating sunburn.

Last up is an article from Inside Bay Area about Republic of Tea's new line of Be Well Red Tea. All nine varieties of this one are built on a base of organic Rooibos tea from South Africa.

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