Monday, June 05, 2006

Everything You Need To Know About Tea

If we're to believe this article in the Stockton Record, then drinking tea has come into fashion. I think that probably happened a while back, though admittedly it's an ongoing process. Anyway, check out the article for a good summary of the growing popularity of tea.

Here's an article by a Florida based reporter who switched from soda to tea and who offers the following tips on increasing your tea-tippling delight:

1. Lose the bag.
2. Grab a pot
3. Taste the rainbow
4. Chill out

A bit cryptic, but the article fills in the blanks. It may not be, as the headline promises, "Everything you always wanted to know about tea", but it's a decent primer.

I had an opportunity to visit a local incarnation of Teavana a while back and wrote about the experience here. Teavana is growing by leaps and bounds, if we're to believe this article about the company. They've got 52 stores at the moment and seem to have nowhere to go but up.

Image: Teavana

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