Friday, June 02, 2006

Expensive Teaware & Goofy Gimmicks

I've never taken part in a Japanese tea ceremony and it's not a subject I'm too well-versed in. So I guess I can be excused for not knowing what a chawan is.

A chawan, as a miniscule amount of research revealed, is a tea bowl. I bring this up because not long ago I ran across these tea bowls designed by Ogawa Machiko. They're available at the Trocadero Web site, but at about 1,800 dollars each they're not exactly what I'd call an impulse buy.

For a little more about chawan, check out this Wikipedia article on the Japanese tea ceremony.

From the Contra Costa Times, by way of Topix, here's an article on Kathleen Bailey, a California teapot collector.

On a somewhat more whimsical note, here's a brief piece from Gizmodo on the Dunk Mug, the perfect gizmo for people who like to do that dunking cookies in liquid kind of thing.

Last, but not least, is the Te'O Tea Strainer, a gadget that's clever and kind of cutesy, but also rather pricey and not terribly practical - not that you asked me.

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