Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Of Tea 3

While places like India, China, Sri Lanka and Britain tend to grab a lot of the press about tea, other countries occasionally merit a story. Here are a few more of them.

This one's on the move to promote Nepali tea by opening estates up to tourism, a move that's being tried in some other countries as well. Here's the link to the article, though you'll have to register to read it all.

From the Korea Herald, here's a profile of the Boseong Tea Plantation, in the South Jeolla Province. You may or may not have to register to read this article. It's supposedly a registration required type site, but I didn't have to.

A lot of us in the West might not know anything more about Bangladesh except that George Harrison once organized a benefit concert for some unfortunate people there. But the country produces a considerable amount of tea, as you'll find in this article that takes a look at one of its tea estates.

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