Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Other Tea - Oolong

Okay, so we've heard so much about the wonders of green tea and white tea now that we're all just about blue in the face. Then there's black tea, the old tried and true standby.

One tea that doesn't seem to get a whole lot of press is oolong, a tea that, to oversimplify quite a bit, falls somewhere between black and green.

But since we're speaking of oolong tea getting press, we should speak of TeaMuse, Adagio Tea's monthly newsletter. If you cruise on over to the latest edition you'll find an eminently informative article - Oolong Tea: Covering the Basics - by Richard Goodness.

Now, if you ask me, Richard Goodness sounds a little bit like a pseudonym. But you didn't ask me and that's beside the point, so go read the article. It's located here.

While we're at it, here's a brief piece from the archives about oolong tea and here's a review of a few of Adagio's oolong varieties.

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Richard said...

Hey, Tea Guy! Thanks for linking to my article. "Richard Goodness" is actually not a pseudonym--it's actually the legal name that I was born with. Which makes it nice, since it's obviously memorable. You've got a great blog--we use it to catch up on some of the tea trends. Keep up the good work!

--Richard Goodness
Customer Service
Adagio Teas

William I. Lengeman III said...

Well, it certainly seems like an appropriate name. Thanks for the comments.