Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tea Blog List

This list contains every tea blog I'm aware of. It currently numbers about 365 tea blogs. If you know of any I've missed or if you see one on here that's goners, please leave a comment.

If I've included your blog here, please consider linking to Tea Guy Speaks.

New Additions - 07/23/2012
Breakaway Matcha
Darjeeling Darlings
Erin's Tea
Leaf, Sheaf, and Berry
Si's Hip Hop Tea Shop
Silk Road Tea Blog
SOKO Tea House
Sommelier En Thé Japonais (French)
Tea Foodie
Tea For Me Please
Tea For Today
Teasing Leaves

Tea Blog Directories
Association of Tea Bloggers - Member Blogs
Tea Talk

Tea Blog List
100% Tea
The 39 Steeps
99 Kettles

About Tea (World Tea News)
Admari Tea
Adventures in Tea Cups and Wine Glasses
Adventures in Tealand
A Felicific Life
Afternoon Tea Total
A Girl With Tea
A Good Place for a Cup of Tea and a Think
Alex Zorach's Tea Blog
All Things Tea Shaped
Amanzi Tea
The Ancient Art Of Tea
Ancient Tea Horse Road
A Nice Cuppa
An International Tea Moment
Another Tea Blog
The Anytime Teas Blog
(aq) (Tea & other beverages)
A Quiet Tea Spot
Art and Tea
Art of Tea
A Spot of Tea
A World Of Tea

Barb's Tea Shop
Bernideen's Tea Time Blog
The Best of Tea's BevBlog
Bigelow Blog
The Big Tea Blog
Blacketeapot (French)
Black Dragon Tea Bar
Blooming Tea
Blue People Tea
Bon Teavant
Bookoftea's Journal
Bubble Tea Fan's Journal

CafeList Blog
California Tea and Coffee Brewery
Canton Tea Co Blog
Cap & Kettle
Carolina Tea Time
Cha Cha Tea Blog
Chadao, Way of Tea
Chai Baby USA
Cha Bei
Cha Dao
Chaiwalah: The Jaya Tea Blog
Chama Tea Blog
Cha-melier: A Tea Journal
Chan Teas
Charles' Tea House
China Tea Travels
Chocobubbo's Tea
Christopher's Tea
Coffee Tea and Me
Crazy Tea Chick
Crispy Tea Leaf
Cruising The Tea Scene With The Tea Lover Chic
Culinary Teas - Rediscovering Tea
The Cup of Life

Damn Fine Tea Blog
The Devotea
Doctor Oolong
Dormouse and the Teapot
Drink Tea

English Tea Blog
Everyone Loves Tea
Expanding Leaves

Fang Gourmet Tea
Floating Clouds, Gliding Eagle
Fun and FlirTea

Get Your Tea On
Gongfu Girl
Gracious Hospitality
Green Tea Blog by
Green Teas Chatter
Green Tea Health Benefits Blog
Green Tea TV
Green White Herbal Teas

Halcyon Tea
The Half-Dipper
Harney The Store
Have a Cup of Tea
Heaven of Tea (Teavana)
Heavenly Tea Leaves
Hey Hey Mate
Hou De Tea Blog

Imporcha - Oriental Sensations
Indie Teas
Infuse Me!
The Infuzion Pot
Insani-Tea Blog
An International Tea Moment
It's All About The Leaf

Jenier - World of Teas
Joie de Tea
Just4Tea Blog

Keen Tea Thyme
Kopius Teas
Kung-Fu Cha
Kungaloosh, the Tea Drinker's Blog
Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations: Farmer's Blog

Là dove fumano le tazze (Italy)
Lainie Sips - A Tea Blog
Latté Tea Dah
Le Vide Et Le Plein
Life In Teacup
Lisa Knows Tea
Little Yellow Teapot Reviews Tea
Lochantea's Xanga Site
Love4Teas Tea Blog

Mad About Hats
Mademoiselle Thé
Mad Pots
The Mandarin's Tea
Manhattan Tea Blog
MarshalN's Xanga Site
marTEA's Tea Blog
Mary Elizabeths Tea Blog
The Matcha Box
MattCha's Blog
Me and My Tea
Mellow Monk's Green Tea Blog
Mico's Tea Tips
Miro Tea
Miss Neddy's Tea Blog
Miss Tea Delight
Mr. Teaman Talks
Modern Tea
More Tea, Vicar?
Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea
Morning Tea Blog
Mug Puerh
Multiple Infusions
Must Love Tea!
My Cup Of Tea
My Cup Of Tea
My Darjeeling Cuppa
My Steeped IdentiTEA

Naja Tea
NM Tea Co. Blog
Notes On Tea

O-Cha and Matcha More

Paper Street Teas
The Persimmon Tree Tea Co.
Poetry Tea
Pot Luck Tea Company
Praise Tea Blog
Pu-erh Teas
Pu-Erh & Yixing (by invitation)

Rare Tea
Red Circle Tea
Rishi Tea
Rota Do Cha (non-English)
Royal Tea Co
Rub Of The Green

SA Japanese Green Tea
Sanctuary Tea Blog
Save The World With Tea
Save Twinings
SBS Teas
Seven Cups Tea Blog
Shade Tree Yerba Mate
Silver Tips Tea Blog
Simply Darjeeling! (Boston Tea Campaign)
Sip Locally
Sipping Hot Tea
Sip This! The Choice Organic Teas Blog
The Sip Tip
Sir William of the Leaf
The Skua Steeps
SororiTEA Sisters
Souvia Tea Blog
Steep Leaf
Steeped Tea Blog
Steepin' it Loose! (The TeaSpot)
Steepology Tea Blog
Steep. Sip. Smile
Steepster Blog
Steph's Cup of Tea
Steven Dodd's Journal
Steven Smith Teamaker
Straight From The Leaf
SustainabiliTEA (Arbor Teas)
Sustainable Tea Leaf

T'd Blog
T Ching
The T-Cozy
Taiwan Tea Guy
Tales From The Teashop
Tales of Japanese Tea
Tao Tea Leaf
Taste Indulgence's Blog
The Taste of English Tea Blog
Tasting Room (Japanese)
T. Dustin Fannings
T Talks Tea

The Tea & Biscuit Co.
Tea & Co.
Tea and Food
Tea and Talk
Tea and Tea
Tea And Travel
Tea Appreciation Society
TeaArt Blog
Tea Arts
Tea At
Tea Beyond
The Tea Blag
Tea Blending Blog
Tea Blog
Tea Blog: For Those About to Steep!
The Tea Blog
Tea Break Magazine
The Tea Chick
The Tea Drinker
Tea Drone
Tea Escapade
The Tea Files
Tea Finely Brewed
Tea For Me Please
Tea For Today
Tea Geek Blogs
TeaGlob (French)
Tea Goober
Tea Grand Central
TeaGuide: Reviews and Ramblings
Tea Hacker
Tea Happiness
Tea Heaven
Teahouse Kuan Yin
Tea Hub
Tea in the City
Tea In Your Life
Tea Jar
Tea Journal
Tea Journal
Tealevelek (Hungarian)
Tea Logic
Tea Masters
Tea Mind
Teamtea Tea Blog
Tea Musings
Tea N Chocolate
Tea Nerd
Tea News Blog
Tea News Direct
Tea News from Darjeeling Area
Tea Obsession
Tea, Olive Oil and Other Great Tastes
Tea On Tap
The Tea Pages
Tea Party Girl
Tea Posur
Teapots & Tea Blog
Teapot Diversions
Teapots Teapots Teapots
Tea & Procrastination, Inc.
Tea Reflections - A Tea Blog
Tea Retailer
Tea Review
The Tea Review Blog
Tea Scoop
Teas Etc - Tea Blog
Tea Snobbery
Teaspoons & Petals
Tea Spot NYC
The Tea Stylist
Teasubscribe's Journal (Russian?)
Teasy Tea Blog
Teas You Miss
The Tea Table's Blog
Tea Table Tidings
Tea Talk
Tea Taster Blog
Teatime Chatter
TeaTime Escapes
Tea Time Tuesday
Tea Time With A.C. Cargill
Tea Traveler
Tea Trekker's Blog
The Teatropolitan Times
Tea. Uncomplicated
The Tea Urchin
The Teavangelist
Teazo (Hungarian)
Tea Writings

TechTea Podcast
Teeblogi (Finnish/English)
Tetulia Blog
TGFOP Tea Reviews
That Pour Girl
The Green Tea Review
The Manly Teas
The Hill Tea Bar Blog
The Voice of Tea
Thusly Tea
Top of the World Tea
True As Toasted Toads
Tuo Cha Tea
Two Leaves And A Bud

Uniquely Brewed
Uniquely Tea


Walker Tea Review
The Way Of Tea
We Like Tea
Wife Of A Tea Drinker
Wonders of Tea (New Domain)
World In A Teacup
World Of Tea
Wrong Fu Cha

Ya-Ya’s Tea-Board (New Zealand)
Yogi Blog
Yuuki-Cha's Blog

Zen Tara Tea

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Eric said...

Hi William, thanks for all that you do! My new tea blog focuses on matcha only:

Thanks so much!

bloggoff said...

Be pleased if you link to my blog -


Darjeeling Darlings said...

We have started a new one called Darjeeling Darlings! Could you please add us! Thanks!

charlotte billabongk said...

Here are the tea blogs I don't see on your list:
Sommelier en thé japonais (blogspot)
La théière nomade (blogspot)

I have also started a new tea blog a few days ago in english and french, it's called Leaves and Buds (blogspot). I would really be pleased to be on your list too.
Thank you for sharing all these links, it's very useful.

Red Lodge Books said...

I'd appreciate it if you'd include my blog, "Tea with Gary" on your list. It's been around for a bit over a year now.


Ripal Patel said...

Hey Guy, I wanted you guys to check out a new product I came across. This company is called Ollobe, and they are doing things differently. They sample teas and only select the best.

Visit them at:

I think they are going to gro

Sarah Price said...

Hey there! I've got two blogs to offer you:

First, a tea media site which includes a podcast, blog and future video casts. Find it at:

Second, the Maya Tea blog. Available at:

Thanks a bunch! I'll be linking to you as well sir.

Darjeeling Darlings said...

Could you please add Darjeeling Darlings. We would love to have y'all stop by.

Tea Foodie [by Zanitea] said...

Hi Tea Guy - Would love to be added to your tea blog list. I'm new to the tea blogging scene, I write about tea-inspired foods and cooking with tea recipes.

Tea Foodie [by Zanitea]


Tea Foodie [by Zanitea] said...

I would love to be added to your list. I'm new to the tea blog world, writing about cooking with tea.

Tea Foodie [by Zanitea]


Daniela said...

Could you please put the blog for darjeeling tea in your list? It`s and here you can found out more about its history, culture and the surrounding tidbits.

Tea Foodie [by Zanitea] said...

Thanks so much for adding my Tea Foodie blog to your list! I will add a link from my site to your blog soon when I create my favorite links page.

Katie Ring said...

We'd love for you to add us too thanks!

Stephanie Thompson said...

If you are still updating this list could you please add our blog:

Thank you, I will link back, if I have that option.

Thank you for your time and energy compiling this list.

abbysedenka said...

This is quite the list! Had no idea there were this many tea blogs out there. We would love to be added to your list as well:


herbaltea said...

We love your blog

We are a Uk tea company and love tea

it would be great to get your feedback we even do a Strawberry and cream tea

herbaltea said...

Cracking Blog, we are a UK tea company but we sell in the States check us out

Tea in England said...

Could you please add my new blog



Clint Carlson said...

This is great list, thank you! launching this week, reviewing 3 teas/week. We'd be thrilled to be part of your list!

Darjeeling Tea Boutique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Breton said...

Hello! It would be a pleasure for us to be included in your list!

Dave Roberts said...

Hi Tea Guy, this list is amazing!

We recently started a tea blog called and would love to be on your list.


Dave and Sarah

Tea in England said...

Could you please add my new blog



Todd Schultz said...

This is amazing. I've got a great tea blog that I'm really proud to share:

May you be Blessed and Tea for everyone!

Iggy said...

My new blog

Terrence C. Ngu said...

herbaltea said...

How to I add my blog to this, this is fantastic.


Hannah McGimpsey said...

Hi this list is great but I would love if you add the LuLin Teas blog to it.
It's at

Would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Tea Dreams said...

Tea Dreams said...

Hi. I like your blog. I've loved tea for a long time and decided to start a tea journey. Well, with my sister that is. We've started our own blog. I'm really looking forward to learning about, exploring and sharing the world of tea! I'd love it if you'd add us to your list. We are

Martin said...


Love this list, I've been making my way through it slowly and discovering tons of amazing blogs and people!

I've got one rolling myself and would be happy to see it added


Erlandas Miežys said...

Hey, you probably want to add this one tea blog to your list too!!

Kev Woodward said...

Great list ... I have a tea blog too and would be happy to link to yours if you would link to mine -

Niranjan Naulakha said...

Please check-out our Darjeeling Tea blog page at
and at

Parvez Gupta said...

Please add

teablogger said...

I have a tea blog about tea culture and paraphenalia at I'll add your link!

Izzie P. said... is a new one

the createss said...

Here is another!

Amber Royer said...


Please consider adding The Infusing Life to your list. I am a writer and educator with a fascination for all things tea-related and offer tea reviews and recipes.


Amber Royer

Vivian Nisinman said...

Hi Tea Guy! I have recently started a tea blog and would be honored to be featured on your list! I will add your link to mine as well.

I enjoy watching your videos! The commercials are adorable, especially the older ones.

Lu Ann said...

I'd love to have my blog added to this great list!

The Cup of Life:

Thanks :)

FeijiCha said...

Hi, we love your blog and this list has been invaluable. We would love to be added to the list.

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