Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tea Blog List

This list contains every tea blog I'm aware of. It currently numbers about 365 tea blogs. If you know of any I've missed or if you see one on here that's goners, please leave a comment.

If I've included your blog here, please consider linking to Tea Guy Speaks.

New Additions - 07/23/2012
Breakaway Matcha
Darjeeling Darlings
Erin's Tea
Leaf, Sheaf, and Berry
Si's Hip Hop Tea Shop
Silk Road Tea Blog
SOKO Tea House
Sommelier En Thé Japonais (French)
Tea Foodie
Tea For Me Please
Tea For Today
Teasing Leaves

Tea Blog Directories
Association of Tea Bloggers - Member Blogs
Tea Talk

Tea Blog List
100% Tea
The 39 Steeps
99 Kettles

About Tea (World Tea News)
Admari Tea
Adventures in Tea Cups and Wine Glasses
Adventures in Tealand
A Felicific Life
Afternoon Tea Total
A Girl With Tea
A Good Place for a Cup of Tea and a Think
Alex Zorach's Tea Blog
All Things Tea Shaped
Amanzi Tea
The Ancient Art Of Tea
Ancient Tea Horse Road
A Nice Cuppa
An International Tea Moment
Another Tea Blog
The Anytime Teas Blog
(aq) (Tea & other beverages)
A Quiet Tea Spot
Art and Tea
Art of Tea
A Spot of Tea
A World Of Tea

Barb's Tea Shop
Bernideen's Tea Time Blog
The Best of Tea's BevBlog
Bigelow Blog
The Big Tea Blog
Blacketeapot (French)
Black Dragon Tea Bar
Blooming Tea
Blue People Tea
Bon Teavant
Bookoftea's Journal
Bubble Tea Fan's Journal

CafeList Blog
California Tea and Coffee Brewery
Canton Tea Co Blog
Cap & Kettle
Carolina Tea Time
Cha Cha Tea Blog
Chadao, Way of Tea
Chai Baby USA
Cha Bei
Cha Dao
Chaiwalah: The Jaya Tea Blog
Chama Tea Blog
Cha-melier: A Tea Journal
Chan Teas
Charles' Tea House
China Tea Travels
Chocobubbo's Tea
Christopher's Tea
Coffee Tea and Me
Crazy Tea Chick
Crispy Tea Leaf
Cruising The Tea Scene With The Tea Lover Chic
Culinary Teas - Rediscovering Tea
The Cup of Life

Damn Fine Tea Blog
The Devotea
Doctor Oolong
Dormouse and the Teapot
Drink Tea

English Tea Blog
Everyone Loves Tea
Expanding Leaves

Fang Gourmet Tea
Floating Clouds, Gliding Eagle
Fun and FlirTea

Get Your Tea On
Gongfu Girl
Gracious Hospitality
Green Tea Blog by
Green Teas Chatter
Green Tea Health Benefits Blog
Green Tea TV
Green White Herbal Teas

Halcyon Tea
The Half-Dipper
Harney The Store
Have a Cup of Tea
Heaven of Tea (Teavana)
Heavenly Tea Leaves
Hey Hey Mate
Hou De Tea Blog

Imporcha - Oriental Sensations
Indie Teas
Infuse Me!
The Infuzion Pot
Insani-Tea Blog
An International Tea Moment
It's All About The Leaf

Jenier - World of Teas
Joie de Tea
Just4Tea Blog

Keen Tea Thyme
Kopius Teas
Kung-Fu Cha
Kungaloosh, the Tea Drinker's Blog
Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations: Farmer's Blog

Là dove fumano le tazze (Italy)
Lainie Sips - A Tea Blog
Latté Tea Dah
Le Vide Et Le Plein
Life In Teacup
Lisa Knows Tea
Little Yellow Teapot Reviews Tea
Lochantea's Xanga Site
Love4Teas Tea Blog

Mad About Hats
Mademoiselle Thé
Mad Pots
The Mandarin's Tea
Manhattan Tea Blog
MarshalN's Xanga Site
marTEA's Tea Blog
Mary Elizabeths Tea Blog
The Matcha Box
MattCha's Blog
Me and My Tea
Mellow Monk's Green Tea Blog
Mico's Tea Tips
Miro Tea
Miss Neddy's Tea Blog
Miss Tea Delight
Mr. Teaman Talks
Modern Tea
More Tea, Vicar?
Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea
Morning Tea Blog
Mug Puerh
Multiple Infusions
Must Love Tea!
My Cup Of Tea
My Cup Of Tea
My Darjeeling Cuppa
My Steeped IdentiTEA

Naja Tea
NM Tea Co. Blog
Notes On Tea

O-Cha and Matcha More

Paper Street Teas
The Persimmon Tree Tea Co.
Poetry Tea
Pot Luck Tea Company
Praise Tea Blog
Pu-erh Teas
Pu-Erh & Yixing (by invitation)

Rare Tea
Red Circle Tea
Rishi Tea
Rota Do Cha (non-English)
Royal Tea Co
Rub Of The Green

SA Japanese Green Tea
Sanctuary Tea Blog
Save The World With Tea
Save Twinings
SBS Teas
Seven Cups Tea Blog
Shade Tree Yerba Mate
Silver Tips Tea Blog
Simply Darjeeling! (Boston Tea Campaign)
Sip Locally
Sipping Hot Tea
Sip This! The Choice Organic Teas Blog
The Sip Tip
Sir William of the Leaf
The Skua Steeps
SororiTEA Sisters
Souvia Tea Blog
Steep Leaf
Steeped Tea Blog
Steepin' it Loose! (The TeaSpot)
Steepology Tea Blog
Steep. Sip. Smile
Steepster Blog
Steph's Cup of Tea
Steven Dodd's Journal
Steven Smith Teamaker
Straight From The Leaf
SustainabiliTEA (Arbor Teas)
Sustainable Tea Leaf

T'd Blog
T Ching
The T-Cozy
Taiwan Tea Guy
Tales From The Teashop
Tales of Japanese Tea
Tao Tea Leaf
Taste Indulgence's Blog
The Taste of English Tea Blog
Tasting Room (Japanese)
T. Dustin Fannings
T Talks Tea

The Tea & Biscuit Co.
Tea & Co.
Tea and Food
Tea and Talk
Tea and Tea
Tea And Travel
Tea Appreciation Society
TeaArt Blog
Tea Arts
Tea At
Tea Beyond
The Tea Blag
Tea Blending Blog
Tea Blog
Tea Blog: For Those About to Steep!
The Tea Blog
Tea Break Magazine
The Tea Chick
The Tea Drinker
Tea Drone
Tea Escapade
The Tea Files
Tea Finely Brewed
Tea For Me Please
Tea For Today
Tea Geek Blogs
TeaGlob (French)
Tea Goober
Tea Grand Central
TeaGuide: Reviews and Ramblings
Tea Hacker
Tea Happiness
Tea Heaven
Teahouse Kuan Yin
Tea Hub
Tea in the City
Tea In Your Life
Tea Jar
Tea Journal
Tea Journal
Tealevelek (Hungarian)
Tea Logic
Tea Masters
Tea Mind
Teamtea Tea Blog
Tea Musings
Tea N Chocolate
Tea Nerd
Tea News Blog
Tea News Direct
Tea News from Darjeeling Area
Tea Obsession
Tea, Olive Oil and Other Great Tastes
Tea On Tap
The Tea Pages
Tea Party Girl
Tea Posur
Teapots & Tea Blog
Teapot Diversions
Teapots Teapots Teapots
Tea & Procrastination, Inc.
Tea Reflections - A Tea Blog
Tea Retailer
Tea Review
The Tea Review Blog
Tea Scoop
Teas Etc - Tea Blog
Tea Snobbery
Teaspoons & Petals
Tea Spot NYC
The Tea Stylist
Teasubscribe's Journal (Russian?)
Teasy Tea Blog
Teas You Miss
The Tea Table's Blog
Tea Table Tidings
Tea Talk
Tea Taster Blog
Teatime Chatter
TeaTime Escapes
Tea Time Tuesday
Tea Time With A.C. Cargill
Tea Traveler
Tea Trekker's Blog
The Teatropolitan Times
Tea. Uncomplicated
The Tea Urchin
The Teavangelist
Teazo (Hungarian)
Tea Writings

TechTea Podcast
Teeblogi (Finnish/English)
Tetulia Blog
TGFOP Tea Reviews
That Pour Girl
The Green Tea Review
The Manly Teas
The Hill Tea Bar Blog
The Voice of Tea
Thusly Tea
Top of the World Tea
True As Toasted Toads
Tuo Cha Tea
Two Leaves And A Bud

Uniquely Brewed
Uniquely Tea


Walker Tea Review
The Way Of Tea
We Like Tea
Wife Of A Tea Drinker
Wonders of Tea (New Domain)
World In A Teacup
World Of Tea
Wrong Fu Cha

Ya-Ya’s Tea-Board (New Zealand)
Yogi Blog
Yuuki-Cha's Blog

Zen Tara Tea

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Unknown said... It's fairly new, we would be thrilled to be on your list. I love your blog!

William I. Lengeman III said...

You're on the list, as of this morning. Thanks for checking in.

~ Phyll said...

Thank you for the inclusion! The Pu-erh Community on Live Journal is a great resource for pu-erh lovers and would be enthusiasts.

It's at:

The moderator is "bearsbearsbears"



William I. Lengeman III said...

Thanks for the info. Great site.

Tess Grey said...

Another new blog for your roll--

I'd be honoured to be added to your lovely list.

Thanks much for your wonderful blog, as well!

William I. Lengeman III said...

Always room for another. I'll add it today. Thanks for linking to me.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, no comprehensive tea blog list would be complete without:

"Tea Birds"
A photoblog with nothing but pictures of attractive females at tea. A tea blog like no other.


Kozonithy said...

Hungarian Tea Blog:

JB said...

Hi Bill!

Thanks again for the inclusion on your list! Of course, I haven't managed to blog on Tea Views in months so you might want to take me off it. I don't want anyone to be disappointed when they get there! :-)

Lady Babs said...

Hi Bill!

We have a blog to offer up. :)

I am enjoying the Steeped in Tea Blog.

Thank you for all of the great links!

charles said...

Hi Bill, great list. here's another..

Tea rules!

Anonymous said...

Your excellent site inspired me to launch my own, which is a way of tracking what I am drinking in one easy spot.

Thanks for the inspiration and the great reviews!

johanna said...

There's also Save the World with Tea, the blog of NYC's Sympathy for the Kettle.

Anonymous said...

Like what you are doing here, William. The more useful information and educational resources there are out there about tea, the better. I especially liked the Turkey tea pot. We wound up creating a post with a link to it on our blogsite. Check us out at If you like what you see, we would appreciate it if you added us to your blog list. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...


I am Relznuk, and I maintain the Insani-Tea blog. I noticed my blog isn't on your list, and I'd love for it to be there! If you wouldn't mind adding it, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Tea Tour NY is a new site/blog focusing on tea tastings and events around NYC:
It's designed as a tea group with open and free membership to those based in NYC.

Steven Dodd said...

I'd like to post a link to my tea blog. It is located at and focuses mostly on tea, but has other topics like film, literature, and beer.

If it's necessary to only see tea posts, it can be filtered by the link

Jess K said...

This might be abit too old to comment.

there's a new site

Steph said...

I just found you. Thanks for including my blog, and I'm adding yours to my list!

Bill said...

I think you would do well adding Tealogic to your list. Thanks

Casey said...

Hey, just came accross your blog and I'm really liking it. Could you put my tea blog in your list? Its thanks for reading!


William I. Lengeman III said...


I already had Steepology on the list for the next time I update.


Casey said...

Awesome! Got any tips for a new to tea blogging blogger?

William I. Lengeman III said...

My advice would be to be sure you want to do it in the first place. Lots of blogs seem to fizzle after the initial burst. You might also want to think about how you can set yourself apart from the many other tea blogs out there.

Carrie said...

I have a tea blog at

This is a very helpful list, thank you :)

nigel said...

Bill - thanks for compiling this list. Another blog to take it over 100 is Talk Tea

Nigel at Teacraft

jewellspring said...

Would you be interested in me going through this list and deleting those who haven't posted since a certain time? It would certainly help those of us who are active to not be buried among so many links.

Adding mine would be great. Thank you!

Tea Party Girl

William I. Lengeman III said...

The list is due for an update this week. When time permits I may break it down into active and inactive segments. If you run across any links that go to nothing, please let me know.

Steven Imparl said...

Thanks for the link to our site. Your blog rocks. Not only does your site rock in its own right, it is helping me find lots of other great tea sites to visit! I had been away from drinking tea for quite a while. It's great to be back. Thanks again!

Man o'Tea said...

Would love it if you could link to my tea blog at:


Samantha said...

Hi! I have a new tea blog that I'd like to be listed here.

Thanks for the great resource!

Hobbes said...

Greetings - thanks for the comprehensive list.

One more for the pile:

Thanks in advance, and toodlepip,


Anonymous said...

We'd love to be included in your list:


SmoothieJuiceTeaGuy said...

I'd also love to be added to your community. I recently opened an Organic Smoothie and Juice Bar, which is also a Tea House (starting a new trend maybe?). We have 35 proprietary teas available to sip or loose. Our tea menu should be up on our site within a day or two:

Thanks! Travis

Katrina said...

I'm just getting my website and blog up and running. It would be great if you could include them in your listings:




Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Thanks for including The T-Cozy on your list! I've added you to our blog roll, as well.

SilverNeedles Tea Reviews said...

Hi Bill,
here's couple more:

Vee said...

Hi Bill!

I'd love to be on your list. My tea blog is at:

I also have a tea site at:

Thanks so much!

VeeTea, NYC

Pot Luck Tea Company said...

Please include us:

We focus on health studies and our company's happenings.


Unknown said...

While not strictly a blog as such, I submit that White Tea Central ( might merit consideration. It already has a link to your blog.

Unknown said...

Hello Bill,

Great to see that there are so many tea lovers around. Would love to join your list:

Just4Tea Blog

Summer said...

Wow. A fantastic list.

I've just added a tea blog to my site and I'd be delighted if you added it: Felicitea Blog

artandtea said...

Hi Bill,

I would love to be added to your list!

I enjoy reading your blog!


EO24 said... is a good article on how to brew loose tea. Great site, by the way! said...


James Byrd said...

Would be honored to be added to your blog list. Love your site.

Salsero said...

I don't see Tea Journal maintained by Warden on your list. As he is a little shy of the limelight, he is not likely to point out the shortcoming himself.

Salsero said...

Oh, dear, sorry to be a pest, but I see the list is also missing The Green Tea Review

Michel said...

Hello Bill

One more addition. It's in both english and French.
I make handmade teaware .


MsTea said...

Could you please add my blog: (alive since 19/11/07) to your list of blogs on tea? It would be very kind of you! My blog is at present in Hungarian. I am planning to rewrite it in English. Best wishes: MsTea

ToddJohnson said...

here is a good tea blog that you have missed.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! Great blog list, and I'm very excited to start checking out what everyone is doing. I've recently started my own blog and would like to be added to this list if possible. It's at Thanks, and I look forward to sharing tea experiences with all of these wonderful and cool people!

LaSere said...

Hi! I'm from Italy, I've created a blog in january, named "Giardino Zen", where I speak mainly of tea.
The address is: (in italian).

I'd be very pleased if you could add it to your list! :-)

Thank you so much,

La Tea Dah said...

I have a tea and hospitality blog at Please drop by. You have been listed on my links for quite some time now.

Enjoy a lovely day!

DD said...

yet another tea blog to add to your list! (actually we're a liquids blog... but we drink a helluva tea)

Brianne said...

Would love if you would add us to your list - First organic tea from Bangladesh. We've set up shop in Denver!


Chester said...

I just started a tea blog as well and I would love to share it with you.

please visit and leave comments.

Unknown said...

I would love to be added to your list

and I'm adding you to my blogroll now!

Unknown said...

I would love to have my blog added to your bloglist. I often post about tea.


Veri-Tea said...

Hi - I have just started a tea blog; you'll find me at I would love to be included on your list and will link to your site as soon as I can work out how (I'm a novice blogger...)

Many happy cups to you!


Unknown said...

Just started it recently, but planning to grow!

Gary said...

Now that is a lot of comments! How about this one:

nada said...

another one for the mix...

TeaBar said...

Could you please add our blog?

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Please add my new tea blog to the list, Bill - thank you!

Unknown said...

Another blog to add to the list :)

Lewis said...

Would you mind adding my blog?

FYI, I've added you to my tea blog directory as well. Thanks!

Infuzion Pot said...

Here's another tea blog:


Warren said...

Floating Clouds, Gliding Eagle is again alive and active.

Unknown said...

We've also got a tea blog: Would love to be added!

bodrie said...

Great list. Would love to be included in your list if at all possible - yet another tea blog.


Sie Whange said...

Very nice list. Would love to be included in your list if at all possible - yet another tea blog.

CTCB said...

Here is ours and thanks:

Tea Guy...please visit us if you are ever in Temecula, California.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tea Guy--

This is a comprehensive list. I am a co-owner of the Canadian Loose Leaf Tea retailing site

We offer all sorts of loose leaf teas, from green to white to balck to oolongs, to loose to bags to a monthly tea club. We make high quality tea affordable for everyone.

We also feature a big push on education. Please visit us at any time.

Thanks for letting me post, and if any users need help with anything or have a tea question please visit us and contact me.

Arleen said...

Hello! I have a tea blog and would like to request it be added to your directory.

The Tea Room

Thank you so much!

Jessica B said...

Hi Tea Guy!
I'm a big fan. You've got a great list growing here. Could you add us? It's the group blog for us here at The Tea Spot in Boulder Co.

Yogic Chai said...

Hi Tea Guy!

Could you add us to your site?

Tittle: Yogic Chai Tea - Authentic Chai Tea Blends

Description: Authentic Chai Tea Blends made with 100% organic ingredients and fair traded tea.



Yogic Chai Blog -


Unknown said...

Hi Bill,

We'd love to see our new Exotic Teapot blog included in your list. It's all about teapot art and quirky tea related news.


Bryon Brock said...

Another blog to add to the list,

Krystyne said...

The Ivy Keep: TeaTime Escapes:
Newer blog, will be covering Tea 101 topics, sales and new products from

Thank you in advance for the addition.

StevenJack said...

Nice blog.
We'd love to see our new Exotic Teapot blog included in your list.

BestOfTea said...

The world can always use another tea blog!

We would love to be listed.

Thanks for the great site.

yan-cha said... This is my blogspot, Would appreciate your adding it to your ever growing list. It is amazing the information and growing interest in Tea. I am so Happy to be able to read other blogs to help me pursue my interest, while learning from so many

rosehips&green said...

You must add tea goober, formerly known as tea dork. In spite of his name, very knowledgeable about tea, very nice photography. A modest goober to be sure.

stephencha said...

Hi, would you mind to add my tea blog. i just started it and be pleased to find some readers for it!

thanks a lot...

Unknown said...

Hi There. I must admit, this is the first time i've ever attempted to blog. I hope its cool to tell you all about a new site my twin sister and I have launched this week . Its for groups of people who drink tea. Basically, you can personalise a tea mat online, and we'll send you one out in the post. I'd love to know what you think?


Unknown said...

so glad to find a list of other tea blogs: check me out at:


Tea Man said...

I am surprised not to see this one on your list: Two Leaves and a Bud Organic, Environmentally friendly and they have an outstanding Mountain High Organic Chai Tea

cha sen said...

please add to your tea blog list.

Thanks so much

Doug Bromley said...

Hello Tea Guy. :)

I just wanted to let you know my site "Wonders of Tea" is now at its own domain.

Keep on posting!! :)

Teaquilibrium said...

Teaquilibrium would be thrilled to have our blog, "From Black to Green and All In Between" added to the list.
The link is:
We hope everyone enjoys the site!

金頭腦兒童潛能開發中心 said...

The Art and Culture of Tea and Tea Ware Expo"

Presented by

Fang Gourmet Tea

carol said...

Please could you add to your blog role.

We love tea and also have a vintage tea website

Thanks very much said...

Yet another request to increase the size of your bloglist. Please could you add It's a blog discussing the highs and lows of running a teashop. Thank you

Unknown said...


Our Teahouse has a new blog,
and we have a website too,

Would you feature our blog?

This is such a great page!

Thank you,

Cat V said...


It would be awesome if you could check out my blog, and feature it. Its fairly new, but with much dedication and work it will be solid for every tea drinker out there. The blog will have battle of the brands, tea of the month, and reviews and more.

Jamus said...

Thanks for adding me to your list. You've been on mine for a little while here.


lizzie said...

Hi, I would really appreciate it if you add my tea blog to the list. The blog is and our website it

Thanks! Lizzie & Ally

Bernideen said...

My blog is Bernideen's Tea Time Blog at
I would love to be on your list!

Carolyn said...

There's the Good Tea Blog at that I think qualifies. Thanks!

Mico said...

I have a blog, Mico's Tea Tips, ( associated with our online teashop ( with tea tips and recipes and other info. Would love to be listed by you. Thanks for sharing the love of good tea!

Cecil Hill said...

List me! List me! List me! List me!

The green tea thrives on her side
Emei should be among those listed
I cried excitedly and wild-eyed
Bet you didn't even know we existed

I am associated with the very teas we travel to find.

Althea DeBrule said...

Your blog is great. I have placed you in my reader. Please add me to your list:


Mr Teaman said...

Please add my blog



Tea Amigos said...

Hey Tea guy! Check out It's a new website that adds a humorous spin to the fine craft of reviewing teas.
We would love a link from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Word up.

Mike from Tea Amigos

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

Hi Tea Guy! Thanks for compiling this list of tea blogs. I will be spending a lot of time reading them! Could you add my blog to the list?



mangaka said...

Hi Tea Guy,

Could you add my new Tea blog as well?



Trixie and Dustin of said...

Hello hello hello,
Wonderful list of blogs! Thank you for taking the time and care to assemble it. If you would like one more, here it is: ... this is a relatively new blog called T. Dustin Fannings: Spouting Off. Thank you for your consideration (and I have posted a link to yours, by the way),
Ann Rosenfeld
The Tea Drinker

Admari Tea said...

hello to fellow travelers on the Path of Tea..
If you could add our blog, I would be very grateful.

Thank you so much for compiling this list!


mostmissedteas said...


Great tea blogs!
Just wondered if mine could be added to the list please?

Its about a new online tea store for British people out of the country who can't buy their fave tea!!

Dara, daughter said...

Please check out

Dara, daughter said...

BTW, thank you for this list! It is truly great to know there are so many tea enthusiasts out there.

Unknown said...

Hello, Tea Guy!

May I ask you to include me on your tea blog list? My blog documents what I'm learning about tea, as I try to educate my palate.

also, I use Twitter under the same name: 39Steeps

Unknown said...

Appreciate if you could include my blog at into your tea blog list.

Thank you in advance and have a fruitful day,

nlnd89 said...

I would love for you to add my tea blog:

I'll be sure to return the favor.

parTea lady said...

Thank you for this great list. I love exploring all the other tea blogs.

Please add mine to your list:


Hi Tea Guy! Thanku for updating about the Tea blogs. I will be spending a lot of time reading them! Could you kindly add my blog to the list?

My Blog add is



Natalie said...

Hi Tea Guy. I'm a non-expert tea enthusiast in the UK. I'd love to be on your list.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tea Guy:
This is a great idea! I love looking at tea blogs. Would you mind adding my blog to your list?

Muchly Appreciated!

Unknown said...

Great blog, can you please include to your list. Thanks!

T said...

Would it be possible to add the Ocean of Tea blog? Ocean of Tea Blog

Unknown said...

Hi, what clever and useful idea! We are yet another blog that would enjoy being on the We are taking a very playful look at the world of tea.

Dove fumano le tazze said...

Hi, I really would like to appear in your blog list, if possible.

This is my tea blog, in italian:

Chashitsu - La Stanza del Tè

Thank you so much!

PS: "Giardino Zen", the italian blog that I see already in your list, is no more active. Just to inform :)

Eric said...

If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest my blog, Tea Finely Brewed:


Unknown said...

Here's a new tea website that has a tea blog & forum. Looks like a good one to check out.

parTea lady said...

I love exploring all these tea blogs. I'd like to be added to your list. Thanks.

Tealady said...

Well you missed me.
I would appreciate being added to your tea list.

Mary Elizabeth Editor Tea Break

Thomas said...

I recently started this one here in Chicago, teasquared:

Wow, what company! Would love to be listed,thanks.

my cup of tea said...

Hello! I am new so if you would add me to your list?
Thank you so much!

Three Fifteen for Tea said...

Hello William

How about a bit of African tea?
My site - African Brew Ha Ha - describes my quest for the ultimate cuppa in a 15,000-mile motorcycle trip through two continents ending in Cape Town, South Africa. Now I'm back I write on all things tea.

Happy to know ya.

Alan Whelan

Three Fifteen for Tea said...

Hi Tea Guy

hanks for the listing but the link goes to the wrong blog. Sorry, should be said...

Hello Tea Guy:

We manage two blogs - for general tea discussions


Kopius Teas Blog for announcements and support of our wholesale blending and distribution center.

Teas 4 Your Health said...


I would like to bring your attention to another blog site of tea
Our site specializes in tea benefits for your health but also has general information about tea...take a look at it and let me know what you think and add us to your blog list for tea.

Kind Regards,
Jaya Milam

Unknown said...


I really like

It talks a lot about quality and tea lifestyle.



Unknown said...

Hi. I am a student from Boston University and we are doing this project that involves creating a product. Our product is a tea mug and I was wondering if everyone could take our survey because we need tea experts. The link to the survey is:
Thank you!

TeaMan said...

Go Tea Plantation Agronomy for tea growing related discussions / information.

sleepless said...

I also have a tea blog, but a different take on a tea blog - it's all about tea accessories.

Cha Cha Tea Tea -

Anonymous said...

Hi, am adding your site to my blog links and would be thrilled to have you list my blog on your site: Tea Time with A.C. Cargill at Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also have a new blog: Little Yellow Teapot Reviews Tea at (I moved the tea reviews off of my regular blog to keep it focused on articles about living the "tea life.") Could you please also add this to your list? Thanks!

Unknown said...
My cup of tea blog

Unknown said...

I'd love to be on your list as well.


Ann said...

Would love to be on the list on the next revision - thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi TeaGuy,

Here are a couple more tea blogs for your consideration:

The Tea Blog from Buy Tea Online:

Tea News Direct:

Best wishes,

Cortney Wagner said...

I do tastings and write reviews of tea, talk about tea ware, history, news etc. I would love to be listed!

Thank you!

cortney wagner

amateur tea-drinker and aficionado

Barb's Tea Shop said...

Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Brought me to your fantastic blog! Would love to be part of the blog listing:

Barb's TEA Shop
Present tea talks (tea etiquette, tea history, Jane Austen teas, and tastings) for libraries, museums, in-home parties and corporate events.

thanks!! Barb G.

Marlena said...

Your fellow ATB member -
Thanks, Marlena

siptea said...

I also write a blog about tea and eco friendly things, called "steepings"
Hope you will add me to your list.

Cortney Wagner said...

My name is Cortney Wagner and I write about and review tea. I just changed the name of my blog to 99kettles, the URL is



Please add out tea blog too in your

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Hi again,

I can't believe I gave you the wrong URL! I'll try and get it right this time... the two sites are:

1) The Buy Tea Online Tea Blog:

2) Tea News Direct:

My apologies. And thank you! :D


Natasha said...

Hey Tea Guy!

Awesome list, but you missed our blog! Here's a link -

Heavenly Tea, Inc.

Unknown said...

ESP Emporium, a world of tea has a blog at

Can you please add it to your list. :)

Unknown said...

Hey there,

Would love it if you can link my blog & and I will link you too.

Jenn said...


This is a fairly new blog, and would greatly appreciate if you can link my blog to your list and I will link you as well. Thanks!

Kyle Locke said...

Hi Tea Guy!

Awesome list and great resource! Would you consider adding my blog to
the list?
I will link to your blog also.

Thanks in advance.

khelo said...

Hey ,
my blog is

I usually post about the teas I have, and usually with detailed pics.


Anonymous said...

I just found your wonderful site. What a great resource! I love it! I recently started my own tea blog, I would be honored to be included on your list.

The Darjeeling Darling said...

This is such a wonderful resource, thank you so much! I'm just getting started (well, as of January) and trying to find ways to network is always on my list. If you don't mind adding me (That Pour Girl), that would be lovely.

Nancy's tea said...

sounds like a deal tea Guy...please include our tea site and we will add your link 2

Ksu Zhytomirsky said...

great list, i was looking for something like this... thanks a lot for getting it all together

Unknown said...

Could you please add our new blog

Please note our new blog is no longer active.


Canton Tea Co

Unknown said...


Could you please add Teeblogi at - A Finnish Teablog partly in English. An ex-Mainly Teabag Guy looks into a wider world of tea. Thanks!

Gabriel of Teaism said...

Hi TeaGuy,

Here is another blog for consideration to your tea blog.

Gabriel of Teaism said...

TeaGuy, please add "The Tea Files" at to your extensive tea blog list.

Thank you very much!


Unknown said...

I will be adding a link to your blog soon at Could you please add mine to your list?

I will probably be back to ask you to guest blog for me. I'd like to have as many guest bloggers as possible. I love variety.

Thank you for this great list.

celebrityblogger said...

I'd love to be included in your list of tea blogs and was impressed to see such a long chain of blogs to select from. Thank you for a very valuable resource.

If you'd please add this blog to your links as well I think it would be an excellent addition to your page

Unknown said...

Sip the Goodness!


Teefreund said...

For teafriends in Germany:

Teafriendly regards,

A Girl With Tea said...

Thank you for adding "A Girl With Tea" to your Tea Blog List. Way cool!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic list of tea blogs. If you're into Blooming tea as well, visit this blog:

Alex - Royal Tea Co said...

New Tea Blog - - happy Sunday!

Leafjoy said...

We just got started, Thanks for this great list! :)

matcha green tea said...

Please add to your list.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for such an awesome collections of tea blog Tea Guy! I would be honored to have mine added!

Thanks much!

Joy's Teaspoon

Anonymous said...

I'm not on your list! - Tea&Travel

Anonymous said...

Please, can I be included? My site is still new but I'm working on it.


LaSere said...

Hi, I really would like to appear in your list, if possible.

My tea blog (in italian) is named "Là dove fumano le tazze":

There is another italian tea blog that is missing, of great value, named "Insieme a Tè":

Thank you SO much! :-)


merrill said...

Hey, I recently started a new tea blog at and if you could include mine I would be very thankful :D

Unknown said...

holy moly this is like winning the lottery having found this!! I have a tea blog as I would LOVE to be added!!! Thanks

tea rooms london said...

Thanks for this list because when I read about tea blogs, I really take to visit that place but that one is not available in my city. But from this list I can find this type of tea room in my city...

Claire M said...

Great list! Thanks
If you're looking for an other tea blog : (in French)

Rita Fong said...


Please add my blog to your list! I am certified tea sommelier from Canada.

Thanks so much!

Tiger Spring Tea said...

Hi, here's our blog suggestion: Tea Imbibers' Blog:
Hope you can add us to your comprehensive list! Many thanks

Unknown said...

We could not find our blog, which was however removed without any notice.

As such, we could be greatly appreciate if you could look into it and revert to us your findings.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,


Andrew said...

We are just getting started!

Unknown said...

Thanks for publishing my earlier comments. However, we noted that our blog site at have not been included in your existing list despite of the above official complaint.

Your kind and prompt attention and action is greatly appreciated.

Cha Sifu George said...

Just wanted to share with you the following:

Chinese Kung Fu Tea and Yixing Teapots website which is linked to a tea blog which I believe you do not have listed above: A Cup of Chinese Tea With Cha Sifu George

Miss Tea Delight said...

Hi, I too have a small contribution to make here.



Ed said...

Hey there, thanks for making this list.

I've been working on a tea blog for a while now, it would be really cool if you could add it to the list.

Maxine's Tea Tips said...

A great directory
! Thankyou for all your work on it.
I''d love to be included. I've had a blog for a couple of years and my New Year resolution is to be faithful in posting!

Dakine782 said...

Hi Bill,

This is awesome! Great tea blog list, I have been looking for something like this. I have a new blog I would love if you could include it in your list. It has tea reviews, news, and information.


P Anderson said...

Here's an interesting blog about hibiscus tea. It is a somewhat obscure tea that gets some positive recognition for possible health benefits.

Hank Friedman said...

I have three pages of tea reviews (and will keep adding more) of the best teas that I have found. (I've tried 100's of darjeeling and oolong teas.)

Can you add my tea page to your website?

It's at

Thank you very much


Many blessings to you,

Hank Friedman

Unknown said... It's new, just started out and although in Dutch I would be really thrilled to be on your list. :)

Simon said...

Hey, love the blog and the directory, it's been really helpful for me starting out. Would love it if you could add my blog: I'm not an expert, but I'm trying to make it accessable. Hope you like it!


Unknown said...

Just another great Tea Blog

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please feel free to check out my new tea blog from Vancouver (Canada). Cheers!

CHAYAN said...

I wanna to add my blog in this site. My blog URL:

The Devotea said...

I appreciate being on your list! However, the link is to my on-line tea store at as oppoosed to my blog at

D. S. Mullen said...

Check this one out.

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