Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tea For Beginners

If your local newspaper hasn't "discovered" tea yet, it's probably just a matter of time until it does. Here are a few articles from papers that have done just that in recent weeks.

First up is the Wisconsin State Journal, who would have us believe that "It's Hip To Sip". The article formulates a definition of tea, talks about alleged health benefits and provides a brief history of tea drinking.

North Carolina's News & Observer weighs in with a piece that focuses on local tea and coffee businesses and includes a brief glossary.

The Roanoke Times offers up "Truths About Tea", a very brief article that doesn't really cover anything the previous two mentioned pieces haven't done better.

Then there's "Reading the Leaves: How Tea Varieties Differ", which recently appeared in the Orlando Sentinel. It takes a quick look at tea's growing popularity and health benefits and compares the likes of green, oolong, Darjeeling, Rooibos and yerba mate.

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