Monday, June 05, 2006

Tea & Gin

Thus far we've reported on several distillers who make vodka flavored with various types of tea. Our most recent article on the topic is located here.

If you were waiting for gin to take its turn in the spotlight, then you shouldn't have to wait much longer. Business Week recently reported that House Spirits, an Oregon-based maker of the hard stuff, will soon feature a gin that uses Darjeeling tea, among other things, as an ingredient.

GBT Winter Gin is expected to roll out some time in autumn. It's a blend of Darjeeling tea, toasted carob, nutmeg, fenugreek, cranberries, and coriander and is expected to sell for somewhere between $35 and $40 per bottle.


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Tealady said...

There was much misery for the working classes in Victorian England and they drowned their sorrows in gin. The Salvation Army offered them free bread and tea if they would 'Take the pledge" and give up drinking gin.
It is whee the phrase 'teetotal'

Mary Elizabeth, the Tea Lady