Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tea Review 70 - Shincha

First-Flush Shizuoka Sencha "Hatsumi"

Observant readers will note that is now included in our advertisers section here at TGS. Which may lead one to speculate how objective Tea Guy will be when it comes to reviewing their tea. Fair enough, but frankly I'd rather provide readers with honest, straightforward information, even if it means sacrificing a few bucks in potential ad revenues.

Having said that, I'll now go on record as saying that distributes some kick-ass Japanese green teas. This is nothing new. I previously reviewed their Matcha-iri teabags and their Uji green tea (before taking them on as advertisers, I might add) and came to the same conclusion.

Here's the lowdown on the product, lifted from the company's Web site - "From Shizuoka, a first rate, first flush green tea. Harvested from the first round of young spring leaves. The first batch is known as "Shincha".

First rate, indeed. I should say so. Like all of the other teas I've tasted from, this one was very fresh and very, very green - almost to the point of fluorescence. It's got a strong grassy taste with lots of fine particles floating in the cup.

My standard procedure was to heat the leaves for about 30 seconds, in hopes of leaching out a little caffeine. From there it was good for at least two infusions of about 30-45 seconds. Be sure to watch your brewing times and temperatures with this one, friends. Like all quality greens, it doesn't respond well to boiling water and long steeping.

Highly recommended.


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