Sunday, June 18, 2006

World's Largest Tea Bag

Just how big is the world's largest tea bag? Not long ago, we wrote about the forty-pounders used by Le*Nature Beverages to make their teas. But that's paltry compared to the whopper that was put together by Twinings a few years back.

Here's a report from one of the British papers about a special tea party at the Twinings factory, held to celebrate the company's 300th birthday. As the article notes, the factory was the site where the world's largest tea bag was created, in January 2003.

As the article notes, "The 4m by 3m Earl Grey tea bag, which was designed by experts at the factory, would make around 11,000 cups of tea."

The notion of downing 11,000 cups of Earl Grey tea hardly makes me swoon with delight but, as always, nobody asked me what I thought.

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