Monday, June 12, 2006

Yuanyang (Coffee & Tea)

Just when I'd finally gotten over the notion of brewing a tea from the leaves of the coffee plant (that's right - read more here) I find out that there's a drink that's mixes coffee and tea.

It's called Yuanyang, or Yuenyeung and it's said to be quite popular in Hong Kong, where it's served hot or cold.

According to Wikipedia, "Yuanyang, which means "Mandarin Duck" in Chinese, is a symbol of conjugal love in Chinese culture, as the water bird usually appears in pairs."

For a little more on Yuanyang and for instructions on how to make it, check the link below, to the Taste of Tea Web site. It's not a delicacy I'll be sampling any time soon, but feel free to knock yourself out.


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1 comment:

melissalouiseeast said...

Having previously lived in Hong Kong for seven years, I'm surprised that I have never tried it!
For most of us British who prefer either coffee or tea, the Chinese are, unsurprisingly, one step ahead of us and decide that we shouldn't have to chose one or the other.
Next time I visit, this is definitely on my list of food/drinks to try.