Sunday, July 30, 2006

$300 Pot Of Pu-Erh

We've written about expensive tea here, here and here, but this is one that might just take the cake - or maybe not.

According to a recent press release, Hollywood's Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium recently unveiled a "$300 Pot of Tea to LA’s Mover's and Shakers".

If the release is to be believed, the beautiful people are poised to descend upon this humble tea shop to partake in "a rare 1952 Guang Yun Gon Bin tea from China" The tea, which is described as being "of the Pu-Erh (“poo-air”) variety, has been carefully stored and aged under very strict conditions for over 53 years."

If you don't have the time or inclination to enjoy your $300 pot of tea at the shop, you can part with $490 and take home an ounce of this stuff.

If all that's a little rich for your blood, maybe Coke's new Gold Peak premium tea is more your speed. We wrote about it just the other day, but here's more information from Coke's hometown paper.

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