Monday, July 24, 2006

Blue Tea

Here's a new addition to your palette of tea varieties - blue tea. Who knew?

Now, if the truth be told, blue tea is really just another name for good old-fashioned oolong tea. Or at least so say New Leaf, who make a bottled beverage called Blue Tea in raspberry and lemon flavors.

As New Leaf's press release would have us believe, "According to the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters, teas are classified in six different tea families, each categorized by a different color. Due to the bluish reflections of the Oolong Tea leaf in its dried form, Oolong Tea is classified as 'blue tea.'"

This was news to me, but then again I never claimed to be the last word when it comes to tea knowledge.

Blue Tea is not mentioned at New Leaf's Web site yet, at least not that I could see, but if you want to check out the site anyway, it's here.

New Leaf's other flavors - in case you were wondering - include White Tea Strawberry, White Tea Tangerine, White Tea Honey and Ginseng, White Tea Honeydew Melon, White Tea Grapefruit, Green Tea Plum and Green Tea Ginseng.

For some additional info on blue/oolong tea, here's an interesting piece from Tea Masters.

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