Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chai Ice Cream & More

If the green tea ice cream recipe we passed along in early June doesn't grab you, how about some chai ice cream? From the Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee comes this recipe for Chai Ice Cream in Caramel Cups.

Earlier this month the Contra Costa Times featured a recipe for Masala Chai Ice Cream, which originally appeared in 125 Best Ice Cream Recipes, by Marilyn and Tanya Linton.

Over at Son of Soy they suggest using genmaicha (green tea with toasted brown rice) as a topping for ice cream. Which sounds like a really flaky idea, but I guess I shouldn't knock it until I've tried it(though it might be a while).

While we're on the subject of offbeat tea concoctions, here's some information, from Eating Asia, on something called teh telur. This is a Sumatran specialty made by mixing tea with a whisked mix of egg and sugar.

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