Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coca-Cola's Gold Peak Premium Iced Tea

The big guns are moving into the premium iced tea business. Or at least one of the big guns is. If you noticed the headline of this piece, then you probably deduced that the big gun in question is Coca-Cola.

Of course, bottled iced tea is nothing new for the soda giant, who have been selling their Nestea brand for quite some time. But their move into the premium end of things, with a brand called Gold Peak, is unexplored territory for the company.

Coke's press release claims that Gold Peak - which is available in sweetened, unsweetened, lemon, diet and green tea varieties - "revives the timeless flavor of classic, authentic iced tea." Whatever that means.

The product will be "offered nationwide in stylish 16.9-ounce single-serve glass bottles." Brandweek magazine reports that Gold Peak is targeted to "every day gourmets." Once again, I say - whatever that means.

For more about Gold Peak, check out the busy and slightly confusing Web site.

Image: Coca-Cola North America

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