Sunday, March 11, 2007

Giant Tea Kettles & Teapots

From the TGS archives, here's some info about giant tea kettles and teapots.

Boing Boing posted a classic photo of a giant tea kettle a while back. See it here.

The original post, at Modern Mechanix, is located here.

Here's an article and photo from Reason magazine. It's about a Malaysian religious cult who believe, among other things, that their giant teapot has healing properties. As the article notes, the Malaysian government has cracked down on the teapot cult. They've gone into hiding and the teapot has been destroyed.

Here's a giant teapot that calls Zillah, Washington home. It's the Teapot Dome Gas Station, actually. Check out the photo at Roadside America.

Also from Roadside America, a photo (scroll down) of a giant tea kettle in the Boston area.

Here, courtesy of Weird Asia News, is yet another giant teapot photo. This one is located in Jiangsu province in eastern China.

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