Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tea Blog Roundup 6

Tea News From Darjeeling Area is back after a several month hiatus. A good source for anyone looking for news and info from this particular tea-producing region.

Matcha is getting it's share of press these days. Lara, over at A Nice Cuppa, continues the trend by posting a bunch of recipes that use it as an ingredient.

From Cha Dao, here's a rather lengthy post that covers the finer points of tea storage, containers and whatnot.

Gongfu Girl is heading to Nevada this year and will be serving tea at Burning Man, as noted in this post.

Danny, at Dandateemann, reports on a strange experience he had while tasting a Shuangjiang Mengku Mushu Pu'er recently.

And, from Teapots, Teapots, Teapots, here's a picture of a silly teapot.

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