Thursday, August 10, 2006

Green Tea Energy Drinks

Tea Guy has never really had much to do with energy drinks. I could be wrong, but it seems that they're mostly about caffeine. Since I have enough trouble with the caffeine in tea, I figure it's probably not a good idea to go messing around with beverages that contain even more of it.

But if you're keen to try an energy drink made with green tea, here are a few options.

Those AriZona people have come up with a green tea version they call Green Tea Energy. Not much time spent sitting around the boardroom dreaming up that name. They also have a diet version, which they call...Diet Green Tea Energy. More info here or read some reviews at the BevNET site here.

Texas-based Tempest Tea (if you'll pardon my alliteration) has also come out with a green tea energy drink that we've mentioned here before. It's called Green U. You can read about it here and see what BevNET thinks here.

Image: AriZona Beverages

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1 comment:

Matthew said...

I'm on my .... ack.....yeah that was my 4th solid mouthful, it probably got me through about a 1/3 of the can.

I have no preference, price and quantity being equal I'll reach for a Monster out of habit, but I've done all of them I can think of (including the silly TAB energy drink). I drink original Arizona, and their most recent pomegranete (yum!) by the gallon, THAT is the best GT on the market.

But please. I beg of you. No one should drink this. It is singularly awful.... one more swig...... as if you are sucking on the damp teabag of yesterday's morning cup, which had been left to float adrift in the backwash of a weeklong fermented ginger ale.