Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Tea Products

New tea-related products seem to pop up with astonishing frequency. Here are a few I've run across recently.

I'm not really sure how new Twisted Tea is, but I've never heard of it before. Thus it's new to me. It's said, by the manufacturer, to be "the original hard iced tea." I'm not sure if that means that there are numerous pretenders to the throne or if they're just staking out a claim. In any event, the product is available in original, peach, raspberry and lemonade flavors.

I've never heard of Solesbury Home before, but they appear to be a company that sells spice mills, bath and body products and whatnot. They also make various teas - their Tea page is here. They've begun making fresh brewed organic teas in eight flavors. Read what the gang at BevNET had to say about six of them here.

Speaking of bottled teas, Kalahari make a line of rooibos flavored ones, to complement their other rooibos products. It appears that there are a total of four flavors, with Capetown Cranberry Apple and Ladysmith Lemon Ginger most recently added to the list. See what BevNET has to say about this bunch here.

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