Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tea Blog Roundup 7

From Tea News from Darjeeling Area, here's a post about Darjeeling Designer Teas, sometimes known as display teas.

Geraldo, at Cha Dao, has a fairly in-depth piece on oxidation in aging pu'er. Not one that's really geared to the casual tea drinker, but interesting all the same.

Danny, at Dandateemann, does a brief post - with pictures - on a sample of Anji Baicha he recently tried.

Speaking of display teas, this time around Gongfu Girl discusses a variety from Numi called Starlight Rose.

Over at MaD PoTs!, Madam Potts offers up a profile of New York City's Casablanca Tea Room.

From my former home town (Tucson, where they have a tea shop I never got around to trying) the gang at Seven Cups have put together an article on contaminants in tea.

And, as always, we'll pass on some silly photos of teapots from...where else - Teapots, Teapots, Teapots. There's one here and one here.

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