Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tea (& Yerba Mate) Time At The Times

The New York Times, that is.

Technically this first item isn't about tea, but here at TGS we've always gone with a broader definition of that term. It's a brief bit, from a few days ago, that claims that some athletes are seeing a performance boost from yerba mate.

Tea Guy always tends to be skeptical about lofty claims for tea, yerba mate and whatnot, but I'm hardly the definitive authority when it comes to these things. The article is located here and here's a link for a slideshow that goes with it.

Speaking of slideshows, here's one on China's teahouses that the New York Times ran a while back. I'm guessing there must be an article to go with it, but I wasn't able to locate it. Check out the slide show anyway. It's a good one.

Image: Pixie Mate

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