Saturday, September 23, 2006

Enviga - Drink Tea, Burn Calories?

If you do a Google search for Enviga, supposedly the name of Coca-Cola and Nestle's forthcoming green tea soda, you won't get too many hits. When I did, last night, I came up with less than 600. What's interesting is that a number of the top-ranked results mention that Enviga is allegedly a calorie-burning drink.

This report, from about a year ago, calls Enviga a "breakthrough diet drink [that] uses thermogenesis to burn 50 to 100 calories just by drinking a 12 oz. serving."

Why, it almost sounds too good to be true...

Coke's hometown paper has this to say about Enviga, but otherwise there aren't too many hard facts out there yet. Stay tuned.

Since we're already doing our credibility-stretching exercises, here's a link to the Web site for Jana Skinny Water. It's "a no-calorie water, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help people lose and maintain their weight."

That's "no-calorie water," not to be confused with the kind that contains calories.

Lord, help us.

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