Thursday, September 07, 2006

Green Tea Tasting Notes & Tea Cookery

Here's a piece from the Times (London), in which a British chef offers his thoughts on some green teas. He is Nicholas Watt, head chef of Roka. He gives the thumbs up to Waitrose Organic Green Tea, Twinings Jasmine Green Tea, and Sainsbury’s Pure Green Tea. Not so spiffy were Clipper Pure Green Tea, Jacksons of Piccadilly Pure Chinese Sencha Green Tea, and Tetley Minty Green Tea Magic.

If you're itching to do some cooking with tea, check out this article from, with recipes for Chocolate Tea Cake and Red Dress Vanilla Rose Pound Cake.

From China Daily, here's an article about a shrimp dish made with tea leaves.

And from The Essence of Emeril, via the Food Network site, here's a recipe for Tea Smoked Quail with Chilled Noodle Salad and Kicked-Up Hoisin Sauce. We might have mentioned this one before, but here it is again.

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