Monday, September 18, 2006

Iced Tea's Last Hurrah

It might be premature to put iced tea drinking to bed for 2006. But autumn is nearly here and, where I currently hang my hat (northeastern United States), that means that it won't be too long before temperatures drop below iced tea drinking levels - at least for me.

With that in mind, here are some iced tea related articles and resources I've run across lately.

Chicago's ABC 7 does kind of a general interest "iced tea is real popular these days" article, with some information about a recent Consumer Reports taste test.

From the appropriately named Brewton Standard, here's an article about iced tea, complete with several recipes.

Is bottled iced tea the greatest thing since sliced bread? You might think so after reading this article from New York's Journal News.

From The Nibble, here's Irresistible Iced Teas, an article which covers bottled teas from Adagio, Honest Tea, Inko's, Ito En and Republic of Tea.

Here's the Web site for Magnolia Spice Teas, which brings us the "delicious tradition of all natural, slow-brewed Southern style tea" in five flavors.

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