Friday, September 29, 2006

September's Favorite Teas

Here are some of the better teas I've tried this month. They're all from Upton Tea Imports. I've tended to gravitate toward them lately because they have a wide selection ("420 varieties of loose tea") and offer much of what they sell in a sample size.

After all, it's kind of disappointing to spring for a large quantity of tea, only to find out, right from the first cup, that you don't like it. Yuk, I say.

If you've spent much time at this site, you're probably aware that I'm a tireless cheerleader for high-quality single-estate Assam varieties (no milk or sugar, please). I even dedicated the entire month of March 2006 to Assam teas. One variety that stood out among the many I sampled back then was Hattialli Estate GFBOP SPL, which I reviewed here. I recently finished off a 125-gram package and find myself longing for more.

With all my focus on Assam, I tend to sometimes forget that are other black teas in the world - like in China, for instance. I decided to try out a sample of Organic China Yunnan Shui Jiu a few weeks ago and I liked it so much that I ordered a larger quantity. I'm not generally a fan of smoky teas, but this one has just a faint hint of that and it comes across quite well.

I tend to favor black teas, but I'm certainly not averse to a good green now and then. Long-Jing (Lung-Ching) Green (Superfine) is what I would call a good green and one that's definitely worth looking into.

Image: Upton Tea Imports

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