Friday, October 06, 2006

Natural Products Expo East & Mood-Teas

One of my tea industry contacts made it possible for me to spend some time at Natural Products Expo East, which is currently underway in Baltimore (thanks, Alex). I headed out yesterday to have a look around, but didn't cover nearly as much ground as I had hoped. It's a big show and my time was somewhat limited.

According to Expo's directory, there are about three dozen companies at the show that have something to do with tea. I recognized quite a few of them, including Adagio, Bigelow, Yogi, Good Earth, Honest Tea, Inko's White Tea, ITO EN, Numi Tea, Republic of Tea, Stash Tea, Steaz and more.

I didn't actually make it to the Mood-Teas booth while I was at the show - or perhaps I overlooked it - but it looks like they have kind of an interesting approach to this whole tea selling thing. They currently offer a line of what look to be custom-blended teas using tea, yerba mate, rooibos and various herbs and flavors. Among the varieties, Mood-Renewal, Mood-Passion and Mood-Energy.

The gimmick here is aromatherapy and the parent company - Mood Factory - also makes mood lighting products and aromatherapy scents. Check out the Mood-Teas site here.

Image: Mood-Teas

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