Wednesday, November 01, 2006

C-Swiss Hemp, Watte Series & More

C-Swiss Hemp Ice Tea bills itself as "the refreshing hemp ice tea." I'd be willing to be that it's actually the only one, but I could be wrong.

The product, which is made in Austria, is a blend of green and black teas and also contains hemp syrup. It does not contain any THC - the ingredient in marijuana that makes you goofy. Although the fact that the manufacturers chose to include a marijuana leaf on the can, indicates that they might want you to believe otherwise.

This appears to be a slight variation on the hemp tea we mentioned in June. At the time the product was not available in the United States, but it appears that that's about to change.


If you've been choosing bottled teas over soda in the hopes that they are better for you, then just hold on a minute, pardner. Some of them may actually be better for you, but in the sweetness category, at least, they sometimes exceed soda. Here's an article from the Australian press that offers more details.

Also from Australia, a report on the tea shop scene in Sydney.


Looking for "the most exclusive teas in the world"? Well, look no further. According to this Web site, that would be the Watte Series Teas, from Ceylon's Dilmah tea company.

Image: Ceylon Tea Services Ltd

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