Friday, January 12, 2007

Life-Saving Latte, No Milk & More

No, this is not the Weekly World News and yes, there really is a life-saving latte, at least according to a report from one of the Portland, Oregon TV stations. A quick-thinking local woman used an Oregon Chai Tea Latte to put out a fire in her car. More here.

Speaking of lattes, milk, tea and whatnot, there's a recent report first published in the European Heart Journal that warns that milk in your tea may cancel out many of the health-giving benefits of the latter. Not that I needed to be convinced that it was a bad idea. This one has been mentioned in countless publications, but you can read what Science Daily had to say here.

Did it ever occur to you that nutrition research on beverages that's funded by the beverage industry might not be all that impartial? No, duh. Here's a report from Beverage Daily that says such studies are "four to eight times more likely to report favourable conclusions for the sponsors than studies with no industry funding."

Speaking of health claims, here's an interesting quote about rooibos from the Myrtle Beach Sun News, "to judge by what's said about rooibos on the Internet, it probably cures every known illness and makes your feet smell like gardenias." Looks like
I might not be the only one growing weary of all the ridiculously inflated claims about health benefits for assorted foods and beverages. Read the article here.

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