Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tea Towns & Pu'er

(Update 2)
An earthquake Sunday, in the newly renamed town of Pu'er, killed 3 people and injured nearly 300. For more information, check out this Reuters report.

(Update 1)
Reuters weighed in not long ago with an update on the Chinese town formerly known as Simao or Shimao. It's now called Pu'er, in honor of the region's best known product. Read the article here.

(Original Post)
China View reported recently that the city of Simao, in Yunnan province, will take the name Pu'er, in honor of the popular type of tea produced in the region. The change takes effect in April, at the Pu'er Tea Culture Festival. According to the article, "half of the city's population [is] engaged in Pu'er tea production."

Click here for the full story and an interesting photo.

Here's a primer on Pu-er that recently appeared in another Chinese publication.

Of course, given the subject matter, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Tea, South Dakota. Read more about it here.

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