Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Worst Tea In The World

After posting this piece yesterday, I ran across a 2005 article in one of the British papers decrying the state of tea. Included is a chart that ranks the countries where you're likely to get the worst cup of tea. The United States ranks third, after France and Spain.

Original Post:
What's the worst tea in the world? Wow, there are so many worthy contenders. Here's an article from Scotland's Daily Record which takes those "supermarket cut-price teas" (yeah, them) to task. My favorite quote - "cabbage water tastes better." "Even 29p for these tea bags is outrageous - 1p would be too much" runs a close second.

Speaking of the United Kingdom, here's an article that reveals that the Queen hasn't made herself a cup of tea since she was six years old. That's 75 years, for those of you keeping track. I don't think this actually qualifies as earthshaking news. After all, you can hardly imagine the Queen fussing around in the kitchen, hovering over the teakettle or fixing herself a corned beef on rye.

Last up is an article from an Ohio paper about Wright State University. They are auctioning off a chance to have tea with Tom Hanks on the set of his new movie, the sequel to The DaVinci Code. But if you haven't got at least 40,000 smackers - forget about it.

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