Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lephet (Tea Salad)

Lephet, also known as La-phat, La-phet, or letphet, is a pickled tea salad popular in Myanmar (Burma). You can read about it here and here, though the English in both articles is a little rough. If Myanmar's too far to go and you're ever in the vicinity of Fort Wayne, Indiana, swing by Golden House Asian Cuisine and sample some.

For another spelling variation and an interesting, article on the delicacy, go to In Pursuit of Tea's Web site and read Sebastian Beckwith's short piece.

Here's an article from CuisineNet about Burmese cuisine. It offers more information about the dish, including a recipe that substitutes ginger for tea. It's probably safe to say that you could ditch the ginger and put the tea back in, though the author claims Burmese tea is a key component in the recipe.

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Yolanda said...

I found a place that sells the Burmese Tea Leaves. It is called The Good Luck Yogurt Shop in Newark, California. They sell yogurt but also have a glass case with Burmese products. They have Regular and Spicy Tea leaves. They also carry a mixture of peanuts, toasted sesame seeds and other crunchies (all premixed together) that is traditionally served with the salad. The proprietress also has a recipe available.
The tea leaves sell for $6 a bag (size is like a small coffee bag). Also available are one person portions.
The yogurt store is in a mall. I think it is Newpark Mall but I am not 100% sure.
Don't bother to call. Their phone is attached to a fax or atm so they cannot answer the phone.
I bought a lot of the tea as I live in San Francisco and Newark is about an hour's drive.
Good Luck!

bunnyhuggins said...

Hi There
I live in Portland, OR and have had a hard time finding Burmese ingredients up here. I make it to Burma Star restaurant in San Francisco everytime I visit and would love to make the green tea salad that they have on the menu but I can't find lephet in Portland, even at the Asian markets, of which there are quite few.
I'm going to be in SF in a few weeks, but would love to find a source up here.