Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tracing Tea & All In This Tea

A 15,000 kilometer expedition to "trace the old trading routes and influence of tea from Calcutta, India to London, England." Why didn't I think of that?

Well, never mind. Someone else did and they're calling their project Tracing Tea. They describe it as "the international collaboration of seven students, who have a love of tea strong enough to survive 15,000 km in three-wheeled autorickshaws."

It's all to celebrate the 350th anniversary of tea's introduction to Britain. The plan is for the group to document their travels in the form of a TV program, articles, a book, and a blog. Read more about the adventure at the Tracing Tea Web site.

All In This Tea is a documentary film that follows, as its makers put it, "world-renowned tea expert David Lee Hoffman to some of the most remote regions of China in search of the best handmade teas in the world." Sounds like a winner to me. The film is directed by Gina Leibrecht and Les Blank.

Find out more at Blank's Web site. There's also info at the HotDocs and San Francisco International Film Festival sites.

Image: Tracing Tea

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