Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blair Grumbles About Tea

From time to time someone steps forward to bemoan what's said to be the declining state of tea-drinking in Britain. Back in late 2005, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Starbucks was tempting Brits to give up their cup of tea in favor of you-know-what. For another take on the same topic, see what ABC News had to say earlier this year.

The latest person to fuss about the state of British tea is the soon to be former primer minister, Tony Blair. In an interview with NPR, he agreed that it was impossible to get a good cup of tea in London. He also confessed that he drank coffee when in mainland Europe, due to the general lack of tea-making expertise there. For the BBC's take on things, look here.

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1 comment:

ABx said...

Yup. I work for a company in the UK, and was rather surprised to find out that they really drink crap tea. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised, since the only coffee that they drink is instant, but you would still think that they'd want something a little better than Twinnings :P

I saw an interesting video clip discussing why the Brits drink tea. Apparently it was mainly because drinking water was considered to be what poor people did, and alcohol was too expensive (and obviously you can't drink it all throughout the day). As such, it is indeed ironic that the average peasant from China probably has more refined taste in tea!