Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fairtrade Tea

As I've mentioned before in these pages, the people involved in the production of your tea are not always well compensated or treated. In hopes of improving this situation, Unilever, the company that owns Lipton, recently announced that they would be obtaining all of their tea from sustainable, ethical sources. Read more at Forbes.

For information about a Fairtrade tea initiative on a much smaller scale, check out this article, from the Somerset County Gazette, about some English students who have launched their own brand.

Finally, here's an article from one of the South African papers about the connection between tea and slavery.

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1 comment:

michiel said...

Unilever is working with the Rainforest Alliance, not with Fairtrade. Hence, this cannot be called a Fairtrade initiative. Although both schemes provide certification and a guarantee to consumers, they are different and each have their strengths.
There is a Q&A on
Lipton's www.liptonforthefuture.com - website which explains why they chose Rainforest Alliance and not FT