Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New & Interesting Tea Products

Here's an assortment of interesting tea-related junk I ran across over the course of the past few months.

Save Your World is the first personal care products company in the United States to launch a 100% natural personal care product line infused with a unique blend of organic Yerba Maté and organic Aloe Vera under the brands Save Your Skin and Save Your Hair.

While we're on the subject of yerba mate products that you wouldn't necessarily want to drink, have a look at Kiehl's mate-based skin care products, including lotion, toner and cleanser.

Eva Solo's Teashirt (pictured) is a tea maker that gets big points for looking spiffy, though I can't personally vouch for how it works.

Nor have I tried Tzu-Thé's T-Buddy. It looks like it might be a useful solution to the problem of drinking good tea on the go, although I'm not real keen on the notion of drinking tea from a plastic container.

ForLife (FORLIFE? For Life?) also offers some eye-catching teaware as part of their Cafe Style line.

Then there's Liquid Planet, which was referred to us by a TGS reader. They carry tea, teaware, and all manner of other nifty beverage-related stuff.

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