Monday, May 14, 2007

Tea Miscellany

Here's an assortment of tea-related stuff that I thought was worth sharing.

Adrian Newbould comes right out and admits it. He's (she's?) a tea snob. Read the sordid (not really) confession here.

Jim Leff's CHOW Tour Dispatch #66: The Enchanted Misty Mountain of Tea and Excrement is worth a look, though it's as much about food as it is about tea. Read it here.

Here's an interesting page about Chinese green teas from Noble Harbor. It's extensive and very informative. Which seems especially timely since I've sampled several nice Pi Lo Chun varieties lately.

From Tea News From Darjeeling Area, here's a page about the history of tea in that region.

From London's Times, comes an anecdote about President Reagan and an embarrassing moment he had while hosting the Prince of Wales. What to do with one's tea bag, indeed.

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