Monday, May 21, 2007

Tea Review 85 - Chinese Breakfast Tea

Chinese Breakfast Tea
Numi Tea

If you want to lay your hands on high-quality tea, you're probably going to have to mail order it. Unless you're fortunate enough to have a good tea shop in your general vicinity. I'm not.

While I do a good bit of mail ordering, I also got to thinking recently that it would be nice to have an "everyday" tea of at least passable quality to fill in the gaps between orders. But given the selection in grocery stores around these parts (central PA), I had almost despaired of finding such a thing.

I reviewed Numi Tea's sampler pack a while back, but I picked another one last week, in hopes that there might be something therein that would serve as an everyday tea. And what do you know - their Chinese Breakfast seemed to fit the bill.

Numi's Chinese Breakfast is made from 100% organic, full-leaf Yunnan tea (in a tea bag) - the packaging and Web site don't say whether it's a blend or a single estate variety. In any event, it's a very dark tea, even though I steeped it for just under 2.5 minutes, less than the 3-5 Numi recommends.

The next thing I noticed, after the color, was a nice, sweet aroma that was so strong that I could smell it without even lifting the cup to my nose. The taste didn't disappoint either. I've been drinking a lot of green and white teas lately, so it could just be that I was primed for a good shot of black. This was a welcome change of pace and one that I'll be keeping on hand from now on. I've also got my eye on Numi's Breakfast Blend, so stay tuned.

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