Friday, June 29, 2007

Investing In Tea

I'm not much into the notion of tea as an investment strategy. I just like to drink it. But there have been several reports lately about tea - particularly pu-erh tea - that's as much commodity as it is beverage.

Reporter David Eimer discusses pu-erh as commodity in a report that was picked up by a couple of Australian papers. As it notes, some of the priciest pu-erh costs many times as much as gold. Read the article here or here.

Reuters tackles the same topic (coincidence?) in this report.

Of course, a big price tag is not necessarily exclusive to pu-erh. Here's a Fortune magazine report about the Sri Lankan tea producer Dilmah, which is trying to cultivate a place in the market for its single-estate Ceylon teas and for the tea-drinking establishments it calls T-Bars.

As is so often the case when a foodstuff is rare and expensive there will be those who attempt to take advantage of the situation. Puerh Cha's article, Detecting Bad Pu-erh Tea, might be a good resource if you're looking to not get ripped off.

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