Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coffee, Tea Or Coffee Tea

I'm sure there are probably those who would welcome the blurring of the lines between coffee and tea, but I'm not one of them. However, in the interests of being informative, here's the lowdown on a few products that do just that.

Take Cha Dao Tea, for example. In addition to an assortment of bottled teas, they also offer something called Yin Yang, which is a blend of black tea and coffee. More at the Web site or you can check out what the gang over at the trade magazine/site have to say about it. None for me, thanks.

If that doesn't grab you, try Coffee Leaf Tea, which is tea made from the leaves of the coffee plant. Here's the Web site for the company that sells it.

This coffee leaf tea thing is actually a notion that's been around for a while, particularly in Africa. Here's a previous TGS piece on the topic.

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