Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snapple News

It's a Classic! Snapple Continues to Brew Up More Great Taste with the Launch of Snapple Classic Black Teas
(from a press release)

Snapple, made from the best stuff on Earth, just got even better with the addition of Classic Black Teas to brand's "Good for You" line of beverages. The new Classic Black Teas feature traditional hot tea flavors like English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe that tea enthusiasts will love.

Made with high quality ingredients, such as authentic black tea blends, real sugar and real honey, Snapple Classic Black Teas are available in three traditional flavors.

English Breakfast, with a robust, full flavor and a touch of real golden honey, will awaken the senses. While the unique blend of Asian black teas and exotic bergamot orange in Snapple's Earl Grey, named for England's Prime Minister more than a hundred years ago, will leave your taste buds feeling like real British royalty! And, Orange Pekoe, imported to Europe years ago by a royal Dutch family called 'House of Orange,' is made with tender young tealeaf buds, offers the ultimate smooth tea sensation.

Made with naturally brewed tea and lightly sweetened with real sugar, these genuine black tea blends contain only 35-40 calories per serving and offer protective antioxidants.

Coca-Cola Mulling Snapple Bid - Fox News

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