Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iced Tea's Last Hurrah

Well, it's not as dramatic as all that. But fall is upon us and for many that means that the prime iced tea drinking days are past. Here's a wrap-up, of sorts, for the iced tea drinking season.

The tasters at Cook's Illustrated held a brew-off of various teas specially formulated for iced tea. The results are here. Tazo Iced Black Tea took the top spot and Lipton Cold Brew fell into last place.

CHOW's Grinder put together a brief piece on ice-brewing green tea. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, I gave this a try (using a Rishi green tea, if memory serves) and was not disappointed. But I still prefer hot green tea to cold.

For the lowdown on what an Iced Tea Bar is all about, check this article from the Mobile Press-Enterprise.

Speaking of iced tea, there's that variation commonly known in the South as sweet tea, which has received more than its fair share of press attention these days.

Slate's Jeffrey Klineman weighed in with his thoughts on sweet tea here, while Time Out New York rounded up a few places in the Big Apple where you can find it. Here's a piece on sweet tea that appeared in China Daily, of all places.

From the Greensboro News & Record, here's an article, complete with recipes, called The Triad's Best Sweet Iced Tea. Last, but not least, is this article from the Atlanta paper that reminds us that not everyone's a fan of sweet tea.

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