Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tea Gadgets & Gimmicks

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Jonathan Glancey, a blogger for the Guardian Unlimited, recently took a look at a curious gadget called the Teasmade. He lists it among his Classics of Everyday Design. We've mentioned the Teasmade here before, though I can't seem to locate the post at the moment. I guess you could call it the Zarafina Tea Maker Suite or TriniTEA of its day, though they're apparently still being made.

Speaking of the Tea Maker Suite, here's another review of that particular contraption, this one from the Kitchen Contraptions Web site.

Here are a few more products I ran across during my recent hiatus.

Sarah, the Duchess of York, now has a line of tea-scented candles. Here's a link to them at Bath and Body Works.

Here's a link to Tea Lover's Chocolates, from The San Francisco Chocolate Factory. If I understand it right, these are not actually tea-flavored chocolates, but rather chocolate that is suited to being paired with a certain type of tea.

It's Not Easy Being Green Tea is the name of a recent article from the Washington Post. It evaluates 13 food products that contain green-tea additives.

Last up is not a specific product but rather an assortment of interesting looking tea-making gadgets from Finum, a German company that seems to specialize in this sort of thing.

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There always seems to be something new and unusual in the world of tea. Here are a few items I've run across lately.

If a teabag or loose tea just won't do, check out FreeLeaf, from Teance. It's a pretty simple concept actually - display tea with a string attached.

Cup Of Tea presents the Ronnefeldt Tilting Teapot, another simple - albeit somewhat offbeat - concept in tea brewing.

If milk in tea is your kind of thing (no comment), Suck UK's MyCuppa Mug might be the ticket. The mug's colour matching guide is apparently designed to help you get the right balance of milk and tea. Coffee too, if that's your thing.

Then there's a report from Wired's Gadget Lab about a Stirling Engine, a thingamabob that's powered by the heat from a hot beverage in a cup. Probably a little light on practical applications, but what do I know?

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Steph said...

I have a Rosenthal teapot from Germany that looks just like the Tilting Teapots you show here! It is fun and a novelty - tho in practicality, it's so-so.

Steph said...

PS - I forgot to provide you the link to see the pot....