Friday, October 12, 2007

The Book of Korean Tea

I didn't know Korea was a player when it comes to tea. Obviously, they're overshadowed by larger producers like India, China, Africa, and Japan. If you're also in the dark when it comes to the Korean tea scene and would like to remedy this deficiency, you might want to have a look at The Book of Korean Tea, by Yang-Seok (Fred) Yoo.

The book was released recently by the Myung Won Cultural Foundation and is billed as "a pioneering and excellent cultural guide about Korea, Korean tea and Korean tea ceremonies. The history, culture, philosophy, tea and tea ceremony are marvelously woven together to capture the true spirit of the Korean tea culture." Mr. Yoo is a Senior Advisor to the Myung Won Cultural Foundation, and a contributing writer for The World of Tea, the leading tea culture magazine in Korea.

The Book of Korean Tea

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