Friday, December 21, 2007

Specialty Teas Are Hot Stuff

If you've got a spare $3,000 lying around - and who doesn't - you might want to invest in Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea in the U.S., a report prepared by a market research company called Packaged Facts. That's right, $3,000 for a report. Nice work, if you can get it.

According to the report, the tea market in the United States is expected to nearly double, to $15 billion, over the course of the next five years. The greatest amount of growth is expected to come from specialty tea. Tea houses, which numbered just 200 in 1990, have now passed the 2,000 mark.

While you're waiting for your $3,000 report to arrive, check out this summary at the Gourmet News Web site.

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