Monday, February 04, 2008

Sonic Boiler, Teabag Bin & More

From the news archives, here's an assortment of somewhat offbeat tea-related items.

For the gadget lovers, the New Zealand press reports on an inventor and saxophone player who's whipped up with a "sonic boiler," a device that supposedly boils water very quickly.

I'm not sure why you'd need a bin set aside specifically for your used tea bags, but if you do, the Teabag Bin is tailor-made for you. From the manufacturer's blurb:

"This stylish little container made from high grade steel or plastic sits happily next to the kettle and swallows up used teabags keeping your kitchen mess free. Available in chrome, brushed steel and a selection of colours the Teabag Bin is a must have item for your home."

Not content to simply drink your tea? According to this article - Things You Never Thought You Could Do with Tea! - you can use it to tenderize meat, polish furniture, freshen stinky carpets and more.

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Anonymous said...

I've used one of those tea bin things. It was fiddly and to be honest pretty unhygienic, or at least messy, as you end up with a great pile of teabags and trickles of tea running down the side. Then you have to empty it anyway - which is considerably fiddlier than simply putting the teabag in the bin in the first place....

I'm not sure what problem this is supposed to be the solution for!

Heather Cowper said...

Hello Bill, I thought you might be interested in my blog post about a tea tasting I enjoyed in Bristol - I gave your blog a mention.

StevenJack said...

Hi Bill, it is very good post about tea.I've used one of those tea bin things.