Friday, March 07, 2008

Tea Bag Art, Teapot Worship & More

The New York Times ran a brief report this week on an interesting project that takes used tea bags, of all things, and turns them into little wee canvases with which artsy-fartsy stuff can be made.

Even the most avid tea fanciers among us probably stop short of worshiping tea or the paraphernalia associated with it. Not so for a group in Malaysia who once worshipped a giant teapot, or at least they did until the government there destroyed it. For more, read this recent article from the Telegraph.

Here's a nifty item called the Tea Control Teapot with Brew Stop Infuser. Whether or not it works as promised, it still gets points for looking nice.

Last up is an item that falls into the category of tea tourism. It's the Web site for the Tea Factory Hotel, in Sri Lanka, the land of Ceylon tea.

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