Friday, March 28, 2008

Tea Fights Anthrax, Star Trek Tea & More

Issue two of The Leaf is now available at digital newsstands everywhere. In other words, click here to read the full issue online. Good stuff.

Can tea fight anthrax? That's the good word nowadays, according to some American and British researchers. More here from the Telegraph and a tongue in cheek response from Graeme Wood at the Atlantic, here.

The record for the world's largest tea party was upped again recently in Indore, India, where 32,000 people turned out to take their sips. More here.

We've written about Zen Green Tea Liqueur, but recently the McClatchy-Tribune News Service had their say on the matter. Read more and check out the recipe for a Zen-tini here.

While undertaking research for a project I've been working on, I ran across some unearthly teas, including Cardassian red leaf, Pyrellian ginger and more. Don't rush out looking for them, since they only exist in the world of Star Trek. More here.

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Oolong said...

A cup of black tea could be the latest defence against an anthrax attack.I am an Indian and I know how popular Tea is in India so a tea party is not astonishing.More info about Tea p/l visit my site